Fimed was established in 1950s by Mr. Ottavio Boniotti, in a little factory situated in Osnago, a town in Lecco district.
The hand-crafted production was already planned in order to meeting at best our customers’ needs.
Over the years, thanks to the employment of modern equipments, the society started manufacturing increasingly complex products, which are supplied on the national territory.
In 1995 FIMED obtained the Italian exclusive representation for OGHEX, segment die inserts.
Thanks to this exclusive contract, our range of production has been developed with the manufacture of carbide inserts for cold heating hex, square, polygonal and other complex shapes, which have enabled us to obtain excellent results in quality.
In 1998 our enterprise had moved in a new operating quarter in Osnago, where technology and security are the pillars of our job policy.
FIMED operates in regime of quality certified according to the norm ISO 9001:2000.