Every year our company invests on new technologies in order to improving all the product processes and rising the quality level.
One of our main goal is to maintain our technical training, always trying to reach high quality standards.
Personal diligence and collaboration are the values on which our company is founded.
Our mission is the complete customers’ satisfaction, achieving high quality standards and short delivery time.
Fimed company pays particular attention to occupational safety, offering our operators the whole equipment which guarantees a safe and serene location wherein work.
Fimed operates in regime of quality certified according to norm ISO 9001:2000.
The entire product process is controlled by an efficient information system. Each order is traceable in order to verifying the correct use of materials and the proper manufacturing phases.
The raw materials we use are supplied by the very best and certified producers.
Quality is our strong point, pursuing the MADE IN ITALY tradition which has always been characterized by professional labour.